Take the Double Your List Challenge

List Building is 90% Mindset

I will even go further by saying almost all success in anything is 90% Mindset.

The other 10% is tactics, however, and individual’s mindset drives the tactics.

In the history of running, it was long thought to be humanly impossible for man to complete a one mile run in less than 4 minutes. That is until 1954, when Roger Bannister became the first person ever to officially achieve it. Since that time, it has been achieved by many, fact an American by the name of Steve Scott has run a whopping 136 sub 4 minute miles.

What caused this sudden phenomenon of hundreds of people breaking through this long standing plateau?


Once runners actually saw it happen, they could truly believe it is now possible for human, and possibly for them. Once this barrier was broken, many were able to achieve it simply because the mental barrier had been broken.

List building is very similar to the 4 minute mile. When a person sees others achieving something, they are more likely to believe they can achieve it too.

So I rounded up several experts who doubled their email subscriber lists along with some of the brightest minds in business, list building and internet marketing to help instill the foundational lessons for exponential list and business growth.

As you listen to the Double Your List faculty of experts, decide which strategies you will commit to implementing. Post your comments below any blog post to enter the Double Your List Challenge.

Share your goals, commit to taking certain actions, whether it’s growing your subscriber list, improving your communication consistency, increasing your optin rate, conversions or profits.

Your active participation is critical to this challenge. Perhaps when you post your intention, a future joint venture partner will see your post and help you achieve your goal.

To be eligible for the Double Your List Challenge prize, you must be a customer on file in good standing.

Let’s do it!

Jill Koenig

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3 Responses to “Take the Double Your List Challenge”

  1. admin Says:

    Below any blog post declare your intention. This could be your intention for today, the next week or the next 30 days and beyond but publicly commit to SOMETHING! As you listen to the Double Your List trainings, come back and commit to applying specific strategies and give yourself a timeline or deadline for taking this action!


  2. Steven Wilcox Says:

    I am so glad I found this. Not only was I making 5 of the 7 deadly list building mistakes, but I am on the first interview with Alex Mandossian and I already identified several things I can do to make those corrections today. I had heard them before but was putting them off. Thank you for giving me the clarity to know what to do.

    Thank you Jill

    Steven Wilcox

  3. Allen Kesssler Says:

    I am half way through writing my book and have been working hard to learn how to market this book and make it a best seller. The information I have listened to has been very helpful in guiding me to the next steps to be successful. I am so excited to listen to all the interviews that were made available. What awesome support for some one just starting out without a list or knowing how to build one.

    Make yourself an amazing day!

    Allen Kessler

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